Q&A with Milena Gorska, Wedding Planner extraordinaire

Q. When did you know you wanted to be a Wedding Planner?

A. As cheesy as it sounds, I have always been a real sucker for a rom com. Notting Hill, Love Actually, 27 dresses, The Wedding Planner, Pretty Woman you name it, and I’ve seen it! I am sureI was watching one of these movies and a wedding scene popped up and it got me thinking, how can I do this in real life?! I know I’m a dreamer and it came true. I remember the first weddingI planned in a Central London hotel and receiving a lovely note from the bride & groom after and it really touched my heart.I knew from then I had got much more satisfaction planning a wedding than a corporate event and that was when I knew what my career path was.

Q. Why did you choose to work at The Brewery as a Wedding Planner and what do you enjoy most about your role?

A. My initial thoughts about The Brewery were – it’s so unique, has so much history and from my first look at the venue, I knew you could do so much, it had so much versatility to it.

I love how there are so many venue spaces which are all different and can be used for weddings of a smaller, intimate scale or huge, grand celebrations and I can really use my creativity to work wonders in the spaces.

Planning a wedding at The Brewery is assisted greatly by the fantastic teams we have working here. The team of chefs is led by our Food Director, Tom Gore who always puts together a mouth-watering seasonal menu which always pleases wedding parties. I always have guests at weddings approaching me to speak to the chef, they say it is the best wedding food they’ve tasted! On the wedding day, everything runs so smoothly with an efficient logistics and operational team led by an event manager, who just gets it and know how important the day is. My favourite part of the role is seeing months of planning, emails, phone calls, meetings put together into one special day –teams of production and lighting, florist, band, menu & wines, decorations all coming together and the room being set up so beautifully. The best bit is seeing the couple’s reactions when they see the room set up for the first time and they are simply overjoyed.

Q. What’s the most touching wedding moment you’ve witnessed?

A. Each wedding has its own touching moment whether it’s when the Father sees the Bride, or the Groom sees the Bride walking down the aisle, or a beautiful speech by the Groom, but one significant touching moment I experienced was with a Mother of the Bride. She arrived to the venue to see the room set up for the ceremony, and as soon as I opened the doors she burst into tears. She was taken aback by the beauty of the room, also bearing in mind the last time she had seen the room it was empty. She was stunned and so overwhelmed saying “It’s so beautiful, I can’t believe it.” During the run up to the wedding, all my concentration is entirely on the bridal couple, but it is moments like that I realise how special this day is not only for the couple, but for Mum who will see her daughter get wed! I even shed a tear myself…

Q. Are there any trends that you love or any that you want to leave behind?

A. I absolute love to see colours – dusty rose, berry pink or coral are all great colours which work. Colour Blocking is a trend that is gaining momentum and I have seen it used for ceremonies, bridal bouquets and stationery which is a nice and vibrant touch to your wedding. What I think will never go old and works fantastically in The Brewery is unique and statement lighting. Lighting is essential to creating an atmosphere and using uplighters, lanterns, festoon lighting or fairy light walls completely transforms our venue and you can feel the romance and dreaminess in the venue. Other trends I love seeing are cheese towers – yum! They never get old. Balloon walls and helium balloons with tassels/greenery have really taken over this year. Couples have ditched overdoing it with flowers and now decorating their ceremony aisles and dinner centrepieces with balloons and creating huge balloon walls as photo backdrops. A new(ish) aspect I am seeing for weddings is women making speeches. More and more I see the bride doing a welcome speech or the bridesmaids getting in on the action which is lovely to see! A complete no-no is chair covers, ditch these and use our lovely limewash chiavari chairs.

Q. What tips can you give couples in the midst of their planning?

A. I would definitely say not to rush any of your planning! I know the excitement can take over and I am sure everyone is asking you, “Have you booked your venue, have you chosen a caterer, have you got your dress, am I a bridesmaid!?” And it can all seem very overwhelming, however I recommend to take the planning slow, own it and split your tasks within a workable timeframe to ensure you have control over everything. Enjoy every aspect of wedding planning and don’t just see it as ticking off a ‘To Do list!’ Remember, this is the most important day of your life and months of planning will turn into one magical day. And when it does seem like a lot to handle, call me, I am there for a reason!

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